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About Berit Mila

Berit mila occurs on the eighth day of life.

"And God spoke to Abraham saying... This is my covenant which you shall keep between Me and you and thy offspring after you; Every male child among you shall be circumcised." (Gen. 17)

For 4,000 years, since the time of our forefather Abraham, the Jewish people have observed the ritual of circumcision as the fundamental sign of the covenant between God and Israel. Known in Hebrew as berit mila, "the Covenant of Circumcision", it is considered much more than a simple medical procedure. A bris links your son to thousands of years of tradition in the presence of family and friends. It is a pledge of faith and continuity.

I will perform a bris on a baby who is born of a Jewish parent, or adopted by a Jewish person with the intention of raising the child as a Jew. The bris is the first public and formal event indicating that the child will be raised as a Jew.